Slant Special: 9/11 Through Their Eyes, Part I

We’re marking the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks with a series of interviews with those who were on the front lines that day. Slant editor Nick Powell and City and State Editor-At-Large Gerson Borrero are joined first by the former deputy mayor for operations in the Giuliani administration Joe Lhota, who was in city hall the moment the attacks began and ran many aspects of city government through the crisis.

And later in the podcast, we’re joined by NY1 reporter and anchor Cheryl Wills, who recounts with us what she saw and the stories that have remained in her memory from that day.

Part II of this interview series will be published on Sunday, September 11.

The Slant – David Dinkins Reflects, Part II

It’s part two of our interview with former New York City mayor David Dinkins. In this portion, we cover the 2016 election, including Dinkins’ thoughts about Rudy Giuliani, then and now. We also discuss Hillary Clinton, community policing, and even the economics of U.S. Open tennis.

The Slant – David Dinkins Reflects, Part I

Former New York City mayor David Dinkins spent the better part of five decades of his life in the political arena, including a tumultuous term as mayor. But hindsight is 20-20, and though Dinkins was a politically unpopular mayor at the time, his policies continue to have influence today. Dinkins sat down with us for a wide-ranging interview. Today we bring you part one, in which we discuss the Crown Heights riots and the famed “gang of four.” Dinkins also weighs in on the fractured relationship between governor Andrew Cuomo and current mayor Bill de Blasio.

The Slant – Dog Days of Summer

While the national political stage is rife with activity, the state and local political scenes have been somewhat quieter over the last few weeks. But these dog days of summer haven’t been without their headlines. This week, City & State Editorial Director Michael Johnson and Editor-At-Large Gerson Borrero sit down to discuss and give their take on the latest developments.

The Slant – Out of Commissioner

Bratton is out, and Jimmy O’Neill is on his way in as the new NYPD Commissioner. What does this mean for Mayor de Blasio, the city council and the police force? We discuss this and more with two guests. First, we have NY1 criminal justice reporter Dean Meminger. Also joining us is city councilman Jumaane Williams.

The Slant – Ovations, Podiums, & Balloons: Where Are We Post-Conventions?

The national conventions are over, but in an election year in which the dust will never quite settle, we want to know how each party views the election landscape moving forward. The head of the state Democratic party Basil Smikle and the head of the state Republican party Ed Cox joined us to discuss and debate the outcomes.

The Slant – John LoCicero Takes Us Behind the Political Scenes

John LoCicero has more than a half-century of experience in New York City politics with plenty of stories to share about mayor Ed Koch and other heavy hitters in the city’s political past. LoCicero, a former special adviser to mayor Koch and longtime political operative, joins us for a wide-ranging discussion, taking us behind the scenes of New York’s political past and sharing some thoughts about where mayor de Blasio has gone astray in his first term.

The Slant – A Congressional Transfer of Power

Upper Manhattan and the Bronx will have a new representative in Congress for the first time in a half century. And the first Dominican born member of the House to boot. State senator Adriano Espaillat joins us on this week’s episode to discuss unifying the ethnically diverse district, how to preserve affordable housing in an ever-gentrifying neighborhood, and even a little baseball.

The Slant – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

The “feud” between Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio has been out in the open for a whole year now, and de Blasio’s reelection bid is inching ever-closer. Wall Street Journal reporters Josh Dawsey and Mike Vilensky wrote about it this week—we have them on to talk about Cuomo potentially maneuvering behind the scenes to back a Mayoral opponent—arguably the worst kept secret in New York City politics.

The Slant – Dancing the Con-Con

Everybody wants reform in Albany, but is a constitutional convention the way to do it? We’ve got two former assemblymen with us: Jerry Kremer who’s out with a book saying past conventions have been cesspools of corruption and almost never get anything done – and Nelson Denis, who thinks a convention is the only prescription for the sickness of money and corruption in Albany.