Charles Barron, Unfiltered

Nobody’s ever accused Charles Barron of speaking like a cautious politician. The former city councilman turned assemblyman has represented Brooklyn in the halls of power for years. Barron joins us today to peel back the curtain regarding the racial power dynamics in city Hall and at the capitol and talk leverage politics versus power politics.

Trump’s Immigration Roundup

Midnight immigration raids, travel bans, and rumors of fake ICE agents harassing subway riders. We know who to blame now – but these enforcement actions were a part of the immigration system long before Donald Trump took office, and Democrats share some of the blame. Two guests from the Immigrant Defense Project, Marie Mark and Michael Velarde, join us to give some clarity on the consequences and roots of President Trump’s immigration policies.

Getting in Heastie’s Head

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is one of Albany’s proverbial “three men in the room” – a linchpin in shaping the $152 billion state budget, and the most prominent Democratic voice in the state Legislature. Speaker Heastie invited us to record this week’s podcast inside his office at the state Capitol, giving us a peek behind the curtain on how the sausage is made, and a window into his political calculations – from the moratorium on New York City’s plastic bag fee to negotiating with a Republican Senate to taking the governor’s temperature on legislative priorities.

Executive Opinions

Rob Astorino took on Andrew Cuomo in the 2014 race for governor, but the political landscape has changed a lot since then, especially for Republicans. The Westchester County Executive joins us to talk about walking the fine line as a moderate Republican Trump voter, how to handle housing under new HUD secretary Ben Carson, and his ideas on how to fix the immigration system.

Fighting a ‘Climate of Fear’

Trump’s administration is starting a war on civil liberties and the ACLU is on the front lines fighting back – last weekend lawyers for the group were flocking to JFK and airports around the country to fight the so-called Muslim ban. New York Civil liberties union executive director Donna Lieberman is with us to talk about the President of Hate and pushing back against the climate of fear.

The Slant – In Memory: A Thorn in Trump’s Side

For this week’s podcast, we’re honoring the memory of Wayne Barrett, the journalism legend who passed away last week. A week before the New York presidential primary in 2016, we had the chance to sit down with Barrett for an interview spanning many topics including Donald Trump. Barrett quite literally wrote the book on Trump, and knew of many of the pitfalls of the business mogul’s personality and practices before the presidential campaign put all of this in the spotlight. Today, we’re re-running a portion of our interview with Barrett, which takes on new meaning in light of Trump’s election victory.

The Slant – Portrait of a Pardon

Does 15 years to life for one drug deal sound excessive to you? Our guest this week, Anthony Papa, is a living example of the ineffectiveness of the Rockefeller drug laws. Papa served 12 years at Sing Sing for a nonviolent drug crime before Governor George Pataki commuted his sentence in 1996. Just last month, Andrew Cuomo officially pardoned Papa, clearing his record after 20 years of criminal justice activism fighting for criminal justice reform and against the excesses of the United States’ War on Drugs.

The Slant – From Albany, with Love

Andrew Cuomo’s hitting the road, so we did too. We’re in the place that Cuomo is supposed to be, Albany, on the second day of the 2017 legislative session with two seasoned statehouse reporters. The Times Union’s Casey Seiler and New York State Public Radio’s Karen DeWitt join us to discuss the tense atmosphere in Albany and what lies ahead for Governor Cuomo, including the recurring buzz about his presidential ambitions.

The Slant Year-End Podcast – Holiday “Gifts” for our Elected Officials

It’s been quite the year in New York politics and, in the spirit of the season, we came up with some gifts that we think our elected officials could use as we wrap up 2016. Slant editor Nick Powell, City and State Editor-at-Large Gerson Borrero, City and State Editorial Director Michael Johnson and Robert George of the Daily News sit down to discuss what presents they would get for New York’s political leaders…or perhaps some of them just deserve a lump of coal.

Happy holidays and happy New Year to all of our listeners!

The Slant – Third Time’s a Charm?

With the 2016 election in the rear view mirror, the next decision New Yorkers have their eyes on is the race for mayor in 2017. Sal Albanese has been a frequent and vocal critic of Mayor Bill de Blasio and the longtime New York politico and former city councilman has officially become the first person to challenge de Blasio for the Democratic ballot. Albanese joins us to discuss de Blasio’s pay-for-play investigations, his thoughts on police-community relations, and why he’s chosen to throw his hat into the ring after two losing mayoral candidacies in the past two decades.