A Fighting Chance for Fair Fares

Sometimes an issue is so big, so obvious, so logical, that we as New Yorkers just can’t stay quiet. For us, that issue is Fair Fares. Two of the leaders of the movement to give half-price Metrocards to low income New Yorkers are here with us: Nancy Rankin of the Community Service Society and Rebecca Bailin of the Riders alliance. We look at the issue of mass transit affordability from all angles – political, socio-economic, criminal justice and more.

Running Against Himself

We all remember Dante’s afro from 2013, but what an we expect from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s reelection campaign? De Blasio’s former press secretary Phil Walzak is now a senior adviser on the campaign. He’s with us today to talk about running as an incumbent, what De Blasio has to gain from fighting Trump, and how to counter the narrative that the mayor isn’t a hard worker.

Unfinished Business

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito’s final term is winding down, but she is not backing away from an ambitious agenda in 2017. From criminal justice reform to being part of the “resistance” against the Trump presidency, the speaker has a lot on her plate. But how likely are the items on her agenda to come to fruition, and how will she ensure she doesn’t leave office with unfinished business? We ask the speaker these questions and grill her on her future plans as well.

NYC’s Homeless Policy Pivot

Christine Quinn may not be gearing up for a political resurrection just yet, but the former City Council speaker has carved out a vital role as one of New York City’s leading homeless advocates. Quinn, now the CEO of WIN, a nonprofit serving thousands of homeless families across the city, joins this week’s Slant Podcast to explain her endorsement of Bill de Blasio’s new homeless plan and tells us how she would have approached the homeless crisis differently if she was in city hall.

Organizing the Resistance

How does a Facebook post turn into a nationwide protest in just seven weeks? Linda Sarsour, the co-chair of the women’s march on Washington joins us to talk about her rise from Bay Ridge activist leading the Arab American Association of New York to helping organize the largest protest in US history. Sarsour is one of the most prominent Muslim-American activists on the national stage fighting against what she’s calls Donald Trump’s fascist regime.

Charles Barron, Unfiltered

Nobody’s ever accused Charles Barron of speaking like a cautious politician. The former city councilman turned assemblyman has represented Brooklyn in the halls of power for years. Barron joins us today to peel back the curtain regarding the racial power dynamics in city Hall and at the capitol and talk leverage politics versus power politics.

Trump’s Immigration Roundup

Midnight immigration raids, travel bans, and rumors of fake ICE agents harassing subway riders. We know who to blame now – but these enforcement actions were a part of the immigration system long before Donald Trump took office, and Democrats share some of the blame. Two guests from the Immigrant Defense Project, Marie Mark and Michael Velarde, join us to give some clarity on the consequences and roots of President Trump’s immigration policies.

Getting in Heastie’s Head

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is one of Albany’s proverbial “three men in the room” – a linchpin in shaping the $152 billion state budget, and the most prominent Democratic voice in the state Legislature. Speaker Heastie invited us to record this week’s podcast inside his office at the state Capitol, giving us a peek behind the curtain on how the sausage is made, and a window into his political calculations – from the moratorium on New York City’s plastic bag fee to negotiating with a Republican Senate to taking the governor’s temperature on legislative priorities.

Executive Opinions

Rob Astorino took on Andrew Cuomo in the 2014 race for governor, but the political landscape has changed a lot since then, especially for Republicans. The Westchester County Executive joins us to talk about walking the fine line as a moderate Republican Trump voter, how to handle housing under new HUD secretary Ben Carson, and his ideas on how to fix the immigration system.

Fighting a ‘Climate of Fear’

Trump’s administration is starting a war on civil liberties and the ACLU is on the front lines fighting back – last weekend lawyers for the group were flocking to JFK and airports around the country to fight the so-called Muslim ban. New York Civil liberties union executive director Donna Lieberman is with us to talk about the President of Hate and pushing back against the climate of fear.