CROSSOVER: Hitting The Books Episode 1 from City & State Presents

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This is a special presentation of our new podcast series entitled Hitting the Books, where we aim to look at how government policies are impacting education. In this first edition we speak with two educators about the Common Core standards — Mark Anderson, a Middle School special education teacher from the Bronx and Lisa DiGaudio, a high school principal from Brooklyn — to get their perspective.

This podcast is sponsored by High Achievement New York

The Slant – Political Potpourri from Havana to Albany

President Obama’s in Cuba, Cuomo’s already been to Cuba, and de Blasio’s back from Somos weekend in Albany – City & State editor at large Gerson Borrero and Editoral director Michael Johnson are here to talk about what it all means. Plus, we’ve got some behind-the-scenes bochinche that the 2017 race for city council speaker is already heating up. I’m slant editor Nick Powell, and this is the Slant podcast.

The Slant – Women’s History Month: What’s THAT All About?

Editor of the Gotham Gazette Ben Max, Politico New York senior political reporter Azi Paybarah and Politico New York City Hall reporter Gloria Pazmino join City & State columnist Alexis Grenell to debate Women’s History Month.  What is its value? What is the role of men in promoting equality for women? The panel discusses these questions and more.  Plus Gerson Borrero and Nick Powell have the latest bochinche and buzz.


The Slant – Making an Empire Statement

A former New York senator, a Brooklyn-bred democratic socialist and a Manhattan real estate mogul – the Empire State is playing a big role in this year’s presidential election. New York Democratic Party chair Basil Smikle and Iona College political scientist Jeanne Zaino join us to discuss how New Yorkers might vote and what the state means for the 2016 election. And City & State Editor-at-large Gerson Borerro says the congressional race in Harlem is heating up so much it may head to court.

The Slant – Nobody’s Home

New York City is in the throes of a homeless crisis. But how did we get here? Daily News editorial board member and columnist Alyssa Katz and NY1 political director Bob Hardt join us to decipher who and what’s to blame for the increase in homelessness and explain how the Cuomo/de Blasio feud plays in.

And City & State Editor-at-large Gerson Borerro says Latinos aren’t feeling the love in the movies OR on a certain cable news station. We have the latest in Bochinche and Buzz.

The Slant – Road to Reform at Rikers

There’s a groundswell developing over the closing of Rikers Island prison. We’ve brought in two experts on the issue to discuss what’s ahead.  New York Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Donna Leiberman and Neil Barsky, founder and chairman of the Marshall Project sit down with us.

Plus, Gerson Borrero joins us with some bochinche about a national progressive leader who is coming to New York City, but for a different reason than you might expect.

The Slant – New York City’s Housing Balancing Act

Z-Q-A, M-I-H, F-A-R… There are a lot of acronyms being thrown around with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s housing plan. Daily News Investigative reporter Greg Smith joins us to cut through it all and explain what’s at stake over New York City’s affordable housing. And City & State Editor-at-large Gerson Borerro has been party-hopping this weekend in Albany – he tells us about how de Blasio crashed a party in order to upstage a potential rival, in this week’s bochinche and buzz.

The Slant – Special – Sex Work and the City

City & State Columnist Alexis Grenell is joined by journalist Melissa Gira Grant and Kate D’Adamo of the Sex Workers Project to talk about how sex work is discussed in New York – and why aggressive prosecution of traffickers might not be the answer.

The Slant – A Bronx Tale

Mayor de Blasio heads to the Bronx and delivers a sleepy state of the city speech with some ambitious policy proposals. So what should we make of mayor de Blasio’s speech? We break down the details. Plus as the presidential primary season rages on, what will be the impact of the national election on New York State? And in our Bochinche and Buzz segment, find out what the former chief of staff to then-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver had to say in an encounter with Gerson Borrero.

The Slant – JCOPE’s Judging Journalists

This week – how will new regulations from JCOPE impact journalists’ ability to communicate with political consultants? Daily News Columnist Harry Siegel and former Daily News Columnist Bill Hammond are with us to discuss. And why is the New York City Council asking for a pay raise even higher than an advisory board recommended? Also, Gerson Borrero makes his triumphant return to the studio to give us an exclusive report about a new member of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s cabinet in Bochinche and Buzz.
PROGRAMMING NOTE – Due to a technical difficulty with our phones, there is some interference in the first three minutes of episode and occasionally throughout. We apologize for the issue.