The Slant – Snapshot in Time: Public Polls and What We Can Learn From Them

With an election looming nationally and various corruption scandals here in New York, a plethora of new public polls come out each week. But the polling industry faces many challenges in how their data is collected and how it is interpreted. So what should an educated consumer of polls be on the lookout for?

We brought in the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion Lee Miringoff and Siena College pollster Steve Greenberg to delve into this and more.

Slant Special – What Do Republican Women Want?

What does it mean to be a Republican, a woman, and a Republican woman in New York State and nationally in this presidential election? Jessica Proud, political consultant and parter at the November Team, and Leticia Remauro, CEO of the Von Agency and former Staten Island Republican Chair, join City & State columnist Alexis Grenell and Slant editor Nick Powell for a conversation about this and more.

The Slant – Agents of the City, Friends of the Governor

With corruption investigations dominating the headlines in both New York state and city government, what’s the impact on productivity at City Hall and in Albany? Will it effect policy decisions? Will it affect Mayor de Blasio’s reelection chances? City & State Editorial Director Michael Johnson joins Gerson and Nick to talk it over.

The Slant – Harlem in the House: An Interview with Charlie Rangel, Part II

It’s part 2 of our interview with retiring congressman Charlie Rangel. He’s served the Harlem-area for 46 years and gives us his unique perspective on religious leaders, the development of upper Manhattan’s neighborhoods, affordable housing, and Harlem politics.

The Slant – Harlem in the House: An Interview with Charlie Rangel, Part I

Congressman Charlie Rangel’s career representing Harlem and the surrounding neighborhoods in Congress has spanned 46 years. He’s seen eight presidential administrations, nine speakers of the House of Representatives, and seven mayors of New York City. And now, as Rangel prepares to retire, he sits down with us for a special, two-part edition of the Slant podcast. He shares his perspectives on current politics, as well as stories only someone with his unique perspective could tell.

Part II will be published next Monday.

The Slant – Don’t Nod Anything You Can Wink

As the federal investigations mount into New York’s highest public offices, we get perspective on what we can expect from someone who has firsthand experience on the convoluted underbelly of campaign fundraising because he served time in prison for coordination. Former Missouri state senator and current Milano Graduate School professor Jeff Smith sits down with us.

Plus, what’s the morning line on the future of the New York Racing Association? NY1 political director and horse racing aficionado Bob Hardt gives us his take.

And Gerson Borrero has the bochinche on the political insiders counting the days until city council speaker Melissa Mark Viverito’s term is up.

Slant Special – Race, Gender and Politics: The 90s All Over Again?

Political scientist and author Christina Greer joins City & State columnist Alexis Grenell and Slant editor Nick Powell to provide context on the schism in black support between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and to discuss why the 1994 crime bill is – fairly or unfairly – only a small part of the Clinton legacy in the eyes of black voters. Professor Greer also explains why Bill Clinton might end up being the albatross around his wife’s neck as she heads towards the general election in a likely matchup against the presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The Slant – Progressive Power Pursuit

Investigative reporting legend Wayne Barrett has made some enemies after more than 40 years covering New York politics, but he’s also earned their respect. We’re back with Wayne for part 2 of our conversation with Wayne to look at the state of New York politics today and ask who the REAL progressive is.
*Recorded April 15, 2016*

The Slant – Presidential Primary Postmortem

The dust has settled, revealing what many people expected the morning after the New York primary. Hillary Clinton cruised to victory over Bernie Sanders, drawing much of her support from downstate, and Donald Trump swept nearly the entire state. Here to break down the results and discuss what yesterday’s elections mean for New York are state Democratic Party chair Basil Smikle and Iona College political scientist Jeanne Zaino.

The Slant – Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth

Investigative reporting legend Wayne Barrett literally wrote THE book on Donald Trump and his downfall 25 years ago – and now with Trump back in the national spotlight more than ever, Barrett is re-releasing his book with a new introduction. We’ll talk to him about the rise, fall, and comeback of The Donald.