Remembering Gabe Pressman

Legendary Bronx-born journalist Gabe Pressman, whose reporting legacy spanned more than half a century and who was a thorn in the side of New York mayors from William O’Dwyer to Bill de Blasio, died last week at the age of 93. In this special edition of the Slant podcast, we are joined by two of his closest confidants. Bob Liff was a reporter and columnist who worked closely with Pressman in their days at City Hall. Liff shares stories of how Pressman “comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable” through his straightforward, dogged style of reporting. We are also joined by longtime WNBC producer Inara de Leon, who worked with Pressman for 14 years. She talks about the editorial process and internal conversations that led to Pressman’s reports over the years.