The Slant – All Polls Day

This excruciating election season is closing in on its final week. With the big day inching closer, politicos, journalists, and junkies are viewing every poll with increased scrutiny. But with the volatility of this election, along with general anger pointed at the so-called “establishment,” we want to know what pollsters are focused on as election day approaches. And how have the polling trends differed from prior elections? Dr. Lee Miringoff, Director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, and Dr. Don Levy, Director of the Siena Research Institute, join us to discuss.

Plus, stay tuned for a bonus discussion at the end of the podcast, featuring two students from the Marist polling institute who tell us what it’s like to be on the survey front lines this election, and what their peers think of their choices in the first election that many of them will be voting in.